Thursday, February 28, 2013

Onuma Demos Knowledge Applied to Information

Kimon Onuma posted a video on youtube that walks you through, in about 10 minutes, the process for sketching a 32 story tower in SketchUp, landing that SketchUp model in the Onuma System, exporting the key attributes of the model into excel, taking the file back to Onuma etc.  He notes, the model can also be exported to Revit and other BIM applications.

Hat tip here to Mike Bordenaro of the BIM Education Coop who posted the link in the BIMStorm Linked in Group.

At the end of 10 minutes Kimon creates a very impressive model from which you can extract reports of all kinds.  Of course, the Onuma Sysetm also easily accepts data from dozens of other BIM tools as well.

The array of BIM tools grows everyday.  Watching videos like this remind me how quickly the knowledge and information economy is descending on us.  Are you ready?  Is your organization ready?  Do you have the right legal instruments in place?  Do you need help with cultural change issues?  Are you an owner that needs to formulate an RFP that calls for bids from integrated teams?  Are you a member of a team asked to deliver in BIM?  Are you trying to put and IPD process in place?  Are you an owner wondering how to deploy BIM in the facilities and maintenance stage?

Collaborative Construction and its strategic partners can help.  Call today.  Meanwhile, watch Kimon demonstrate the power of KNOWLEDGE applied to INFORMATION in the video below.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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