Friday, February 22, 2013

Orphaning America's Patriots

Country Club Republicans - whose who contended AIG, et. al. were "too big to fail" - joined forces, after the New Deal, with Democrats to rule America.  This rule by elite, referred to by the brilliant Megan McArdle as the Mandarinzation of America - cannot prevail in a Democratic Republic because a majority of the population has a completely different set of values.

Professor Angelo Codevilla's piece in Forbes, linked below, lays out the argument in detail.  McArdle's piece, linked above is a shorter piece with a similar message.  I recommend both articles, though if you are pressed for time skim McArdle's piece and print Codevilla's for future perusal.

My sense is average folks in America have just about had enough the nonsense and will step into the breach when the fiscal house of cards crashes down around the elite's ears.

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