Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Will Graphene Power the Battery of the Future?

One more nano-tech advancement that is too cool not to share.  Long time readers may recall my early fixation on battery technology.  At the time I was struggling to justify the green agenda generally and the inordinate amount of money spent on green energy boondoogles.  Those boondoogles remain boondoogles, but advances in battery technology provide advocates of the green agenda with a glimmer of hope.

One of the most powerful arguments against much of the green energy that's produced is that batteries required to store and use it efficiently are, themselves, very damaging to the environment.  First, batteries tend to be made from heavy metals and the environmental cost of producing batteries is, thus, quite high.  Second, disposal of batteries can be equally dangerous to the environment and this raises the cost of disposal.

Enter carbon nano-tube technology circa 2010 - Nanotechnology Advancing Battery Technology - and now, even bigger advancements that leverage the discovery of graphene, also in 2010.  In tho old June, 2010 post I touted nano-carbon technology as a potential solution to the battery conundrum set forth above. The video below describes the latest breakthrough which may be a (SMART)X Game Changer!

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