Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3D Printing Update

Dutch architectural firm moving forward with plans to print a house in 3D.

These tools and processes are no longer relegated to the realm of science fiction.  3D Printing is coming to the built industry, and sooner than many might imagine.  Those on board the IPD and BIM train have seen this on the horizon for a while.  Everybody better get on board!  Those standing on the sidelines gawking will be left behind.

The article reports:

DUS Architects has announced that it will commence construction of a 3D-printed canal house in the coming months, with completion before the end of the year. Initially, 1:20 scale components are printed and tested using the open source Ultimaker 3D printer. DUS Architects tells Gizmag that its KamerMaker is in essence a larger Ultimaker, from which 1:1 scale versions of the components will be printed for construction. 
In an email to Gizmag, DUS Architects describe 3D printing as "a new craftsmanship," which the company hopes will foster local production without need of mass production. "We believe in the importance of the designing of the public domain, and nowadays that involves both the physical world and the virtual world," the company told Gizmag. "KamerMaker allows for unique, made to measure architecture, at fewer costs, with less resources, less waste material, less building transport etc."

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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Ian said...

I find this amazing. It makes me think about how one would manage such a project and the differences compared to a traditional construction project.