Saturday, March 16, 2013

Detroit gambled on Wall Street and lost

Cities like Detroit, Chicago, LA and Stockton, California, to name a few, are on the leading - and bleeding - edge of the demographic and fiscal collapse that is causing the blue social model to implode before our very eyes.  The hypocrisy and irony is so thick in these situations you could cut it with a knife. The big Wall Street banks - home to Timmy - I don't have to pay my taxes but you sure do - Geihtner, the Secretary of the Treasury during President Obama's first term and John Corzine, the former Senator and Governor of New Jersey, now famous for misappropriating $1.6 billion from investors at MF global and other Democrats and supporters of Democrats came to "rescue" Detroit.  But who needs help like that?  

Democrats are shocked, shocked by the news that there is gambling going on in America’s blue cities. They do their best to avert their eyes from the close political ties between corrupt urban political machines and exploitative Wall Street banks. In the lame progressive mindset that characterizes these decadent times, Wall Street is bad, and urban politicians are good. There can’t possibly be some sort of symbiotic relationship between them. How could something so good, so honest, so dedicated to serving the poor as the Detroit Democratic machine be engaged in a vicious conspiracy with Wall Street to bleed the poor and suck the city dry?

As the blue social model crumbles we need to be prepared to build new facilities, infrastructure and economic frameworks that support and enable success in the new knowledge economy.  That process is going to be easier if stakeholders in these cities collaborate in an open and transparent environment.  Doing so requires that they come to grips with the failures of the past, learn lessons from them and take steps not to repeat those failures.  The fear porridge in Detroit and similar cities is so strong right now everyone is paralyzed.  They need help, but are not yet ready to help themselves.  

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