Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Live Cost Planning - Article by a QS Who Gets BIM!

Below is a diagram excerpted from the newsletter/article linked below.   Authored by David Mitchell, the Director and 5D Quantity Surveyor for Mitchell Brandtman, the article nails the reasons why 4D - the time element in BIM - and 5D - the cost element in BIM - are so critical.  The article, titled "5D Quantity Surveyor - Here and Now" begins on page 4 of the PDF newsletter linked below.  

More importantly, the article lays out a "Live Cost Planning" methodology that empowers Quantity Surveyors to understand the importance of BIM and see where their work flow fits.  Further, the article promotes the required coordination and collaboration.  Sadly, the value and need for integrated legal instruments to achieve the foregoing remains unrecognized, or at least unmentioned.

Overall though, the article hits the right and conveys the right information.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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