Friday, March 15, 2013

More Concrete! Is there anything it cannot do?

I've been on a concrete kick here lately, and the story linked and excerpted below continues the trend.  As more and more advanced building materials are developed I would encourage built industry stakeholders to explore the aesthetics and artistic value embedded in good BIM and leverage that to your advantage.  If all these concrete trends come together - blow up concrete structures, self-healing concrete - special coatings to block water damage and now vivid LED concrete - we may see some crazy bridges and sky scrapers in the not too distant future!

LUCEM, LED, concrete

The project, which is on display in Aachen, Germany, features 136 rectangular concrete panels that contain optical fibers. Each panel is fitting with color-changing technology, with the colors becoming brighter approximately one hour before sunset. The LED-panels are controlled using an internet-based DMX technology system, with each panel containing 3 percent optical fibres, reports World Architecture News. 
The LED-infused panels can be controlled independently meaning it only takes a second to turn the entire wall into a single display screen. The light shows on the screen can be controlled via the internet or a mobile device and interactive elements as well as text and logos can be displayed on the screen.

I see all kinds of potential associated with this!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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