Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Generation of Nuclear Power?

Anybody that is truly interested in preserving the environment pays close attention to advances in the technology related to nuclear power, fracking and other clean coal.  Green and renewable energy which many, including myself, thought might be ready for prime time turned out not to be.  

From overpriced inefficient bird killing wind turbines to solar boon-doogles and ethanol and bio-fuel programs that seek to defy the laws of energy while starving millions of children renewable and green energy programs have failed spectacularly.  Sans government subsidies the renewable and green energy programs are not working on a commercial scale.  Advances may yet be made that save the day, but the last 30 years have bee a disaster for renewable and green energy.

Meanwhile, back in Bart Simpsons home town, the nuclear power plant is upgrading and a new generation of sodium cooled, helium heating nuclear fuel breeding power plants promise of thousands of years of clean, efficient energy.  All things nuclear are being explored in detail this week at the four (4) day International Conference of the IAEA in Paris. There, 28 countries and 600+ experts have gathered to discuss the path forward.

Debates rage every week in the pews of the Church of Green where true believers in Global Warming - now called Climate Change since no warming has occurred for the last 17 years - are pitted against pragmatist who see the benefits of leveraging clean energy provided by natural gas and nuclear power plants.  The science deniers insist on sacrificing millions of children and trillions of dollars on the altar of the Green Church to stop Global Warming - which replaced the specter of Global Cooling in the 1980s as the crisis de jure - even though less drastic solutions exist.  Fracking and natural gas has reduced emissions in the US dramatically and leveraging nuclear power would do even more good.

At Collaborative Construction we believe in the power of knowledge rather than the power of fear.  Burning food for fuel makes no senses.  Burning hydrocarbons - which are much more valuable for other manufacturing processes - makes no sense either.  Nuclear power plants that burn fuel more efficiently, are cooled with sodium or helium and utilize advanced technologies to deliver cleaner energy longer may be the best option.  Fear mongering has prevented construction of new nuclear facilities in many jurisdictions for many years.  As a result, existing nuclear power plants continue to operate on antiquated platforms.  

The high priests in the Church of Green, who line the pockets with government grants to research "green solutions" ridicule contrary research funded by oil and gas companies, pretending their bought research is more pristine that the research bought with oil money.  The stench of hypocrisy is strong.  

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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