Friday, March 1, 2013

Isn't the (SMART)X Game Changer Series an Adult School in the Cloud?

Regular readers know my passion for leveraging the web as a teaching tool.  The original IPD Round Table Series, launched over two years ago now in October 2010, brought advocates of IPD, BIM and lean processes together across the US, in Canada and in Ireland on a monthly basis to discuss how best to leverage those tools and processes.  

The new (SMART)X Game Changer Series, modeled after the IPD series takes the medium to a new level, empowering individual companies to meld and accelerate marketing, research and development, business development, planning, operations and delivery processes in an in-house educational program.  The accelerated sharing of knowledge and information that occurs, supports and enables participating firms to more quickly adopt, adapt to and deploy BIM in integrated built environments.

As exciting as the series is for individual companies, the real power of the series lies in its potential to reach many hundreds if not many thousands of IPD, BIM and lean process advocates around the world.  The inspirational story of Dr. Sugata Mitra, the TED Prize Winner, reinforces my belief that extending the reach of the series is the right approach.  Below is an excerpt from a LinkedIn piece by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, and a link to Dr. Mitra fantastic presentation.

Dr. Mitra, an educational researcher and professor of educational technology at Newcastle University (UK), wishes to design the School in the Cloud—a learning lab in India, based on his vision for Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE). The school draws inspiration from Mitra’s “Hole in the Wall” experiments, in which he observed children both learning and teaching on their own and without any guidance or intervention.

Children aren't the only ones who can help each other learn.  Integrated teams of highly skilled built industry professionals have a tremendous amount of pent up knowledge to be shared.  Let's get on with it!  Call to get on board as a (SMART)X Game Changer Series sponsor today.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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