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(SMART)X Game Changers in a Knowledge Economy

From 1850 to 1950 the world transitioned from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy.  Today the world is transitioning to a knowledge economy.  Winners in a knowledge economy intelligently link data accumulated during the information age - Gutenberg to Gore, circa 1436 to 1991 - to the physical world, as represented in emerging virtual clouds.  

While the information age generated rivers of data, the cloud generates oceans of data daily.  Businesses that thrive in the knowledge economy provide clients access to critical information at critical moments in time, empowering timely, accurate and well informed decisions that add value clients appreciate. 

The (SMART)X Game Changer Series empowers sponsors and participants to engage in a substantive discussion related to delivery of BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure.  It educates, motivates, informs and inspires built industry professionals to embrace their role in the emerging knowledge economy.  Sponsors, employees, clients and collaborative partners learn to leverage unique skills and knowledge to unlock information that empowers timely intelligent decisions.

Is your company a (SMART)X Game Changer?  Are you and your organization ready to compete in the knowledge economy?  Call today to sponsor the (SMART)X Game Changer Series.

(SMART)X Game Changer Series - Featuring The (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM
Launch Brochure - 2013

Collaborative Construction's (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM – part of the (SMART)X Game Changers Series – is launching. The goal? Open built industry stakeholders' eyes to the value of IPD, BIM and lean processes. Integrated project delivery (IPD), building information modeling / virtual design and construction (BIM/VDC), and lean business processes support innovation, saving and earning billions. Participants learn to reduce costs, increase profits, and win more profitable work. Educate industry leaders about your services while building skills and relationships. Sponsorships start as low as $1,000 for sole proprietors. Call today!

Owners spend trillions on facilities and infrastructure annually, and trillions more on operations and maintenance. Yet market demands remain unmet and inefficiencies abound. Current planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance methods routinely fail. This series tackles these core problems, providing a vision for savings over the full life cycle of facilities and infrastructure. Join Collaborative Construction for monthly webinars and live workshops to learn how these unique tools save and generate billions.

(BUILT)X Solutions:

  • Reduce waste
  • Attack inefficiency
  • Expand market share
  • Increase revenue & profits
      (BIM)X enables visualization of:

  • Planning, design, construction, & ops
  • Maintenance and reclamation processes
  • Dynamic & interactive digital systems
  • Collaborative work place environments

Strategic alliances, integrated agreements, and other collaborative legal tools and frameworks enable stakeholders to form integrated teams that interact intelligently and align their economic and environmental goals over time. The (SMART)X Game Changer Series explores emerging business processes that leverage these innovative tools to reduce costs, expand revenue, mitigate risks and environmental issues and increase market share.

Effective IPD, BIM/VDC and lean process programs map and align the key interests of critical stakeholders, increase the efficiency of planning, design and construction services and reduce operations and maintenance costs for facilities and infrastructure. In short, the (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM drives value through the entire life cycle saving and earning billions for built industry stakeholders that deploy these powerful tools.

The 12 Webinar Topics as Planned

  • (SMART)X Game Changers Series – How a Fall from the Stupid Tree Drops Scales from Eyes
  • (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM – An Introductory Webinar
  • (BUILT)X Programs – Integrated Procurement Programs, IPP in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)X Projects – Integrated Project Delivery, IPD in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)X BIM to FM – Integrated Operations and Maintenance, IOM in 3DTM
  • (SMART)X Finance – BIM, IPP, IPD and IOM for Lenders
  • (SMART)X Risk Management – BIM, IPP, IPD and IOM for Insurers
  • (SMART)X Bonding – BIM, IPP, IPD and IOM for Sureties
  • (SMART)X BIM Technologies – (BIM)X for the Built Industry
  • (SMART)X Cultural Change – (CM)X as a Tool for Change in the Built Industry
  • (SMART)X Government – IPP in 3DTM
  • (SMART)X Industries – IOM in 3DTM

(SMART)X Game Changer Series Collaborative Workshops Planned for:

Austin, Texas
Cincinnati, Ohio
Phoenix, Arizona
Atlanta, Georgia
Miami, Florida
Calgary, Canada
Edmonton, Canada
Dallas, Texas
Toronto, Canada
Denver, Colorado
Dublin, Ireland
London, UK

(SMART)x Game Changer Series
Sponsor Benefits Chart

Benefits ↓ Costs →
Series Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor

Series Sponsor
Online attendance for sponsor & invited guests & 1 workshop


Silver Sponsor
Above plus logo featured in all series communications and 1 live 2 day seminar


Gold Sponsor
Above plus 2 live 2 day seminars


Platinum Sponsor
Above plus 5 live 2 day seminars


Sponsorship Benefits
  • Silver Sponsor: Above plus business solutions featured in CCR Newsletter & Blog Posts
  • Gold sponsor: Above plus sponsor access to recorded presentations for internal training
  • Platinum sponsor: Above plus sponsor access to series materials for external marketing
  • Note: Prices do not include travel costs and other expenses related to seminars and workshops
  • Note: Series Sponsor costs vary depending on the number of offices a sponsor has participate
Costs for single day Series Sponsor workshops vary depending on the scope and nature of the event, location, date and other factors. The cost of a Series Sponsorship assumes a sponsor has more than 10 offices. Series Sponsorships are available to companies with fewer than 10 offices at negotiated rates. Individual attendees should contact James L. Salmon or a Sponsor, as unaffiliated individuals can attend webinars on a first come first serve basis. Individuals can usually attend a one (1) Day Collaborative Workshop for $149.99 or a two (2) Day Collaborative Workshop for $299.99. Those prices may vary by location depending costs incurred by Collaborative Construction and Sponsors.

Workshop Value

The regular cost of a collaborative workshop is $10K per day. However, Platinum Sponsors of the (SMART)X Game Changer Series enjoy access to five (5) two (2) day workshops in five (5) separate locations for $50K.  Thus Platinum Sponsors enjoy the base sponsorship value of $10K plus the ten (10) days worth of workshops valued at $100K for a total value of $110K for only $50K.  That's over 50% off the regular cost of those services.

Webinar Value

Tremendous value also lies in inviting existing and potential clients to local offices on a monthly basis to participate, remotely,  in these high quality webinars.  Sponsors will be perceived as innovators and leaders on all things BIM, IPD and VDC by the attendees, and will have the opportunity to engage attendees – both before and after the webinar – in any manner the Sponsor sees fit.

Training and Marketing Value

Platinum Sponsors enjoy access to prior presentations and the right to rebroadcast presentations for training and marketing purposes. 

For a firm with 10 offices nationally, the Series Sponsor cost of $10K is only $83.33 per month per office. A Platinum Sponsorship – $50K – only costs such a firm $416.66 per month per office, but THAT price includes includes ten (10) days of collaborative workshops (a $100K value) delivered in the company's choice of venues. Collaborative Construction's workshops regularly qualify for continuing education credit. Thus sponsors recoup some sponsorship costs via education credits for employees . Fees charged to non VIP attendees further defray costs.

Summary of Value

Sponsors of the series regularly and substantively interact with existing clients, potential clients and collaborative partners. Higher level sponsors of the (SMART)X Game Changer Series leverage existing sales, marketing and training activities to add value. Further, the series serves as an informative educational program, an effective training mechanism and a powerful marketing tool. Most importantly, however, the series serves as a catalyst for internal and external change in the built industry. 

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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