Friday, March 15, 2013

Wave Disc Engine PLUS Muller Generator = ?

Has anyone given any thought to combining the Wave Disc Engine with the Muller Generator?  Both, to date, have been viewed as novelties, but I'm curious about how the two inventions might compliment one another.

A wave disc engine is being developed by, ironically, Professor Muller at Michigan State University.  The Wicki Page linked here is very intriguing and provides an excellent description of how the technology works.  I've followed the development of the engine for a while now.  There are two interesting YouTube videos - one back in 2009 and another in 2011 - in which Professor Muller talks about the engine.  As of 2011 the MSU team had several wave disc engine prototypes working in the lab, but I've yet to see the engine power anything outside the lab.

Here's a couple of photos / graphics of the engine.

The Holy Grail of the Wave Disc Engine is to replace the traditional piston powered internal combustion engine and it holds great promise as a power train for a hybrid electric vehicle.

Which brings me to the Muller Generator pioneered by Bill Muller.  See image below.  My understanding of the Muller Generator is limited, but as best I can tell it is a very efficient generator of electric power.  Are these two inventions complimentary? Would combining the two in a hybrid electric vehicle make sense?  What if the two were combined with fuel cell technologies and / or carbon film capacitors?  Thoughts and comments welcome.

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Dustin Huber said...

It's frustrating that the MSU lab has not provided any further reports on whether or not they could scale the technology up to 25 KW. I'm sure the lab wants to hold off and publish in a peer-reviewed journal, but not hearing any movement on this potential engine since late 2009 is definitely disheartening.

Stan said...

I agree. When this was first exposed, it looked like the perfect answer to keeping EVs affordable,efficient and with unlimited range. I check for news every month or so and have found nothing new. Obviously, they have hit a show-stopper. I wonder what that is?

Christian R. Conrad said...

"...but I'm curious about how the two inventions might compliment one another."

Like this:
- You're looking very fine and sparkly today!
- Why, thank you! And you're so mysterious and exciting!

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