Friday, March 29, 2013

Why do science deniers hate poor people?

The jig is just about up for the science deniers who contend the apocalypse, in the form of "Climate Change" is upon us.  Well, at least climate change of the global warming kind.  The real world FACTS that clash so harshly with the defective global climate models point more toward global cooling the global warming.  Of course, pivoting to global cooling as the next great calamity won't require much efforts as the science deniers will simply reach back into the late 1970s and early 1980s for more recycled junk science in support of the new "scientific consensus".

The two articles linked ant excerpted below come from the UK.  The first, from the Telegraph, highlights the fact that poor people in Britain are freezing to death while the fixation on global warming, er hmm. "climate change" continues to drive the cost of energy ever higher.  The quote below shows that Brits ought to be paying less not more in energy bills, but for these misguided policies.

This is slowly beginning to dawn on Ed Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. He has tried to point the finger at energy companies, but his own department let the truth slip out in the small print of a report released on Wednesday. The average annual fuel bill is expected to have risen by £76 by 2020, it says. But take out Davey’s hidden taxes (carbon price floor, emissions trading scheme, etc) and we’d be paying an average £123 less. His department has been trying to make homes cheaper to heat, and in a saner world this would be his only remit: to secure not the greenest energy, but the most affordable energy.

Here's link to the article

Heck, if the statistics quoted in the article are accurate winter, combined with the science denier's global warming agenda, is killing almost five times more people in Britian - 30K - than homicidal gun wielding nuts kill in the US - 8,500 or so according to the FBI - so the priorities of seem skewed.

As for the "science" behind global warming the "vast majority of climate scientists" - who were all feeding at the government subsidies trough for years - promised us, most dramatically in Al Gore's fraudulent film, "An Inconvenient Truth" seems to be failing and falling under the weight of its own predictions.  The chart below, excerpted from the next article linked below, shows real temperatures as compared to the temperatures predicted by Al Gore & Co.  The models are / were not accurate.  Further, as the photograph of Al Gore pontificating indicates, he may, himself, have contributed to any global warming that did occur.

The real question is whether trillions of dollars should be spent to avoid the specter of "global warming" in light of the failure of these models?  Will any others who favor increased efficiency and productivity in the built environment join me in asking these tough questions?  For years the science deniers ridiculed skeptics of global warming as "flat earthers" because we refused to concede that science by consensus was science at all.  Now that the facts are proving the models on which they hung their hats to be defective what's next?  I predict they will pivot to the specter of a new ice age.  Panic is a pre-requisite to the control they seek. 

The Economist, which has been a loyal soldier in the global warming charade tries to put a brave face on the data but it's tough.

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