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I'll be presenting at the Blue Book's AEC Showcase in Denver April, 25.  Below is a summary that briefly describes both the presentation and the workshop.  

Companies deploying BIM and considering the use of IPD benefit tremendously from participating.  Readers in the Rocky Mountain Region are encouraged to register and attend.  Readers outside the region are encouraged to contact Collaborative Construction and schedule events of their own.

Follow this AEC Showcase Link to register.  Feel free to call if you have any questions.

The Required Legal Framework for BIM & IPD

Collaborative Construction's PEEK keynote and (BUILT)X workshops explore the impact of a knowledge economy on built industry culture and the legal framework required to support BIM and IPD. As an experienced construction lawyer, James L. Salmon engages audiences via industry specific anecdotes, an entertaining presentation and, if requested, compelling workshops. James challenges traditional industry orthodoxy and inspires participants to tackle and collaboratively solve real problems.

The keynote reveals the importance of cultural and legal change for firms deploying building information models (BIM) in an integrated project delivery (IPD) environment. Attendees gain a keen understanding of the challenges the current built industry culture – including the prevailing legal framework – pose in a knowledge economy, and explore the array of new legal instruments available when deploying BIM.

Mental wheels spin during the PEEK keynote, but wheels and gears engage during the live (BUILT)X workshops where participants explore legal solutions to cultural conundrums blocking access to the benefits of BIM and IPD. Traditional built industry culture manifests itself as fragmented, adversarial and paranoid. To enable industry stakeholders to compete effectively in a knowledge economy built industry culture must become integrated, collaborative and cooperative. This requires a new legal framework.

To overcome fragmentation, adversarial disputes and perpetual paranoia, stakeholders in the built industry must first understand current built industry culture. PEEK learning tools enable such understanding, while (BUILT)X workshops promote collaborative understanding of new legal solutions to those problems.

The term (BUILT)X refers to BIM builders building buildings (and infrastructure) utilizing integrated procurement programs (IPP), integrated project delivery, (IPD) integrated operations and maintenance programs (IOM) and lean processes, alongside technologies – today and tomorrow – that enable efficient planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of (SMART)X (BUILT)X environments. Solutions are (SMART)X if they are smart, simple, scalable, meaningful, measurable, authoritative, actionable, rational, reasonable, relational, and transformational. A (BUILT)X (SMART)X seminar can include over 40 hours of presentations and workshops that delve into all aspects of built industry culture.

Meanwhile, Collaborative Construction's PEEK keynote concisely addresses cultural change in the built industry by covering failure and success in a fast paced, entertaining and informative fashion.

If you need any additional information please contact James L. Salmon.  

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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