Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Finalizing presentation materials and other last minute arrangements related in anticipation of presenting in Denver at AEC TECH EXPO.  Looking forward to seeing many readers and other industry contacts there.

The Tech Expo is scheduled for Thursday, and will be an all day affair.  Come earlier and stay late!  A great time will be had by advocates of efficiency and productivity in all disciplines and in multiple sectors of the economy.

If you still haven't registered here's a LINK FOR YOU.  See you there!

On Friday, I will be in Boulder in the morning to participate in the E Source Energy Managers' Round Table.  E Source has a very interesting series of presentations lined up.  The one I'm most interested in deals with the organization's internal cultural struggles relative to remodeling the corporate head quarters and bringing the facility up snuff from an energy usage perspective.  I found it intriguing to hear that a green oriented company like E Source, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado of all places, struggled culturally with some of the very same issues those of us in the trenches of the built industry struggle with everyday when it comes to greening a facilities footprint.

The fact the company overcame the cultural hurdles is impressive as well, and I'm interested in learning more about that process.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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