Friday, April 12, 2013

Last Call for Ethanol? Do it for the children!

Let's hope so!  When will we stop starving children around the world to prop up our green egos?  Geez.  The blog post excerpted and linked below references new bills in Congress that would put an end to this travesty.  Let's hope these pass.  Do it for the children!

Corn ethanol fails every test a biofuel could hope to pass. It doesn’t lower emissions; it raises them. It also raises the global price of corn, starving the world’s poor and possibly inciting riots. But EPA mandates are propping up this boondoggle. Producers are scrambling to snatch up biofuel credits to meet the federally-mandated quota this year because neither supply nor demand will be sufficient to produce the more than 13 billion barrels of ethanol required.

And don't forget, the EPA's unfilled mandate from 2010 for 20 million gallons annually of Cellulosic Ethanol, an "advanced bio-fuel that NOBODY CAN PRODUCE in commercial quantities.  The last I heard gasoline refiners were being FINED by the EPA for not putting cullulosic ethanol in gasoline and the refiners were blissfully passing the cost of those fines along to consumers.  And we wonder why gasoline costs north of $3.50 a gallon?

What sad and horrific waste of tax payer dollars and lives.  Children are starving all around the world and we F-n burning CORN!?!  WTF!  Can we please stop the madness?

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