Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Rebuild A Saturn V Rocket Virtually!

A team of NASA engineers rebuilt a Saturn V Rocket virtually.  They located a Saturn V Rocket engine that was never used and laser scanned it.  By placing random stickers on parts by hand the laser scanning system was able to put the whole thing together like a giant Jig-Saw Puzzle.  They also scanned unique bolts and belts and used 3D Printers to create the unique tools needed to take remove them, since none of the unique tools from the 1960s could be found.

Once they had the entire engine scanned and re-created in CAD they were able to tackle a number issues through virtual testing.    Below is an image of the virtual reproduction.

Next, the team wound up test firing a "gas generator engine" off another Saturn V Rocket engine.  The "gas generator engine" does just that, it generates the gas that is feed into the giant Saturn V Rocket engine to be ignited.  Just an amazing process overall.  

I would love to see these guys scale up the Wave Disc Engine I blogged about earlier and connect it to the Muller Generator to run a new generation spaceship!

Here's a link to the whole article.  Well worth the time!

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