Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mass Personalization in the Knowledge Economy

Professor Amir Sharif lays out a vision for the age of mass personalization likely to accompany the blooming and booming of the knowledge economy.  The good professor's description deserves careful consideration, but I doubt very much that the entrenched powers that be will give up without a fight.  They aren't in the the political arena, nor in the built industry.  But the revolution is coming and it will be exciting.  The articles concludes as follow, but again you will want to read the whole thing.

Ultimately, though, the future of mass personalisation will bring us full circle. Online and ubiquitous "blueprints-for-everything" will mean that knowledge will be the purest source of competitive advantage, underpinned by the supportive personalisation-focused supply chains. Funding this future will come from a wider range of non-financial institutions. Bartering and payment services will yield new types of markets where banks will no longer be key players. Industry itself will be contained in our own factory at home, where we can personalise anything for anybody at any time, leading to personalised supply chains. 

This all fits my vision of the progression from an agricultural economy in 1850 to the industrial economy in 1950 to the knowledge economy by 2050.  Before we can enjoy the full benefits of the knowledge economy we will have to shake free from the Blue Social Model imposed upon us by short-sighted politicians who bought our votes with false promises of a chicken in every pot.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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