Monday, April 8, 2013

Middlesex University Launching BIM Management MSC Course

Middlesex University, with campuses in London, Dubai and Mauritius, is launching a BIM Management course geared towards built industry professionals engaged in the real life effort to deploy BIM in advance of the UK government's BIM mandate scheduled for 2016.  Designed for the busy professional, Middlesex developed a course with a blend of online and live workshop opportunities.  While intended primarily to prepare built industry professionals to deliver BIM in the UK, completion of the course would likely benefit built professionals anywhere on the globe.

The article linked below provides, in part:

Middlesex University’s BIM Management programme leader Dr Noha Saleeb said:   "The construction sector is a major part of the UK economy, representing some seven percent of GDP or £110bn per annum of expenditure, 40 percent of this being in the public sector, with central Government being the industry's biggest customer. Consequently the changes will have a significant impact, and with the changes coming into effect in 2016, practitioners will need to start thinking about this immediately.  Middlesex University has been quick to respond to these changes and has worked with the industry to ensure it addresses the needs of the sector in the most accessible way. 

“The objective is not just to address technical requirements of the 3D digital assets but to ensure efficiency of the whole technical, operational and strategic management of the BIM process for a project throughout its entire lifecycle, from briefing, design, through procurement and construction, into operational lifecycle and facilities management, all the way to restoration then demolition.”  

Middlesex gets it and is taking steps to delivery a high quality course to the industry.

Now if we can just get more owners to pay more attention to the need to modify the legal framework in which they operate to accommodate BIM and more integrated and collaborative procurement, delivery and operations models.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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