Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Human Side of BIM... in Denver!

All my friends and contacts on LinkedIn are all a twitter - ha ha ha - about the Human Side of BIM presentations at the BIM Forum in Florida.  Well, we're going to explore some very human elements of built industry culture in Denver this week too at the AEC Tech Expo.  So don't think ya'll are going to have all the fun in Florida.  Even if Al Gore's promises are a bit late here in Denver where it was a crisp 33 degrees upon landing with several inches of snow still visible all about. lol

I'll put a link up to a Slide Share version of the lecture later this week.  The keynote focuses on built industry cultural impediments to BIM and IPD and the three workshops delve into simple BIM, federated BIM and integrated BIM respectively.  If you make it to Denver look me up.  If you are in Florida let's compare notes over the next few weeks.

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