Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MIT Prints Artificial Bone with 3D Printer

Nanotechnologies combined with advances in 3D printers threatens to revolutionize material science sooner than we thought.  This blog follows advances in material science - advances in CONCRETE for example are a favorite - while also fixating on advances in 3D printers.  
Built industry stakeholders capable of delivering BIM enabled facilities in an IPD environment appear well positioned to leverage the use of new materials.  

The article excerpted and linked below provides details regarding research at MIT into printing artificial bone.  Very cool stuff.

Now researchers at MIT have developed an approach to print synthetic bone. Using a 3D printer capable of using two synthetic polymers in an optimized geometric pattern researchers produced samples of synthetic materials that have fracture behavior similar to bone.


Researchers put different composite designs to the test to see if they could withstand stress and fracture similarly to bone. As predicted, the bonelike material proved to be the most resistant to fracture.

"Most importantly, the experiments confirmed the computational prediction of the bonelike specimen exhibiting the largest fracture resistance," said graduate student Leon Dimas, who is the first author of the paper.
"And we managed to manufacture a composite with a fracture resistance more than 20 times larger than its strongest constituent."
Buehler hopes that eventually entire buildings might be printed with optimized materials that incorporate electrical circuits, plumbing and energy harvesting. 

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