Friday, June 7, 2013

Science Deniers Gather in Bonn

For several years, after I grew skeptical of the climate change models and other data being peddled by my green and liberal friends in support of global warming, I was labeled a "science denier", a crude comparison to deniers of the holocaust.  

The mantra from my green and liberal friends, during that time frame, was that the "science is settled" which, of course, is an odd thing to say about a field of study that depends for its very existence on challenging settled belief and digging for empirical evidence of the truth.  Thousands of scientists, many with no specific knowledge of climate change, were surveyed and agreed the peer reviewed studies produced by advocates of global warming proved they were right.  Advocates of global warming - caused by humanity of course - seized upon those surveys to proclaim the depate over, due to "consensus" among scientists.  What a farce.  That's not science.

Further, opposition voices were belittled as the result of funding from "Big Oil" even though "Big Oil" was actively collecting billions of dollars in tax subsidies to pursue "green energy" programs.  Meanwhile, the climate scientists were, themselves, collected billions and billions of dollars in government grants to "prove" global warming was occurring and was a threat.  Those same scientists were also busy peer reviewing their own flawed papers, and cock-blocking scientists with opposing views from publishing their scientific work.

As the computer models failed, repeatedly, to predict reality, global warming advocates moved the goal posts, settling on the Orwellian phrase "Climate Change" in a brilliant bit of re-branding.  But putting lipstick on a pig doesn't mean the pig is not a pig.

Now we have 16 years worth of data from the Met office in the UK demonstrating no rise in global temperatures.  Sophisticated charlatans involved in the movement offer a variety of explanations - the oceans are absorbing the heat, the sun got hotter, etc. - but all concede the temperatures haven't risen in 16 years.  And the coldest spring in 50 years in the UK is empirical evidence of that fact, though my greenie wenie friends tell me that's "weather" not "climate".  Which is convenient since nobody can predict the "Weather" but everyone in the climate change community can, allegedly, predict climate.

Against the foregoing back drop I encourage readers to watch the video below, of participants in the  UN Climate Chance Conference in Bonn, where thousands have gathered to kibitz over the latest climate change science.  Surprisingly, or maybe not, the attendees questioned were unaware that the planets hasn't warmed in 16 years.

Built industry professionals interested in BIM and IPD as tools to increase efficiency and productivity need to distance themselves from the radical green agenda and focus on sources of real value to owners.  Abandoning fossil fuels prematurely - green energy will be viable one day but it needs to be pursued in the context of market forces not as a subsidized market - is going to cost the poorest people on the planet the most.  Let's be responsible and analyze the facts.  Don't be a science denier!

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MBordenaro said...

James, I am one of your friends. Although I am not in Bonn, I align with who you call your "green and liberal friends."

But I really align with those who want to treat everyone on earth as if they are our brothers and sisters.

I am fully aligned with those considering the earth as a sacred gift to be used to the benefit of all our brothers and sisters.

And I consider myself aligned with you in these regards.

While I don't think I have ever used the words "science denier," there is no denying that we have gone toe-to-toe in very engaging and educating discussions.

You have helped me realize the truths in what you say and I am embarrassed for whatever version of "science denier" I said.

While I accept your valid points, I doubt I would agree 100% with anyone in the world on these topics.

However, I still believe the world will be a much better place when current carbon energy is replaced with a combination of multiple renewable energy sources and highly efficient carbon energy sources.

Let's not talk about nuclear for right now, or forever, if possible.

But I would like to get energy for every one of my brothers and sisters to have hospitals, thoughtful housing,rewarding work environments, recreational facilities, schools (for God's sake), and any other type of facility you want to consider.

I truly don't think that is going to happen unless we plan for such a significant increase in renewable energy that every family can be self sufficient.

That flies in the face of the entrenched energy powers.

Unless you consider the business decision to turn British Petroleum into "BP - Beyond Petroleum."

It seems like a marketing approach. But if they are taking a 100-year view, it is a good approach. If BP is taking a long view, you know a BIMStorm would lead them to the greatest profitability over any defined time.

So, I would like to stop talking about climate change and start talking about business changes that
achieve our common goals.

If we are going to flood, I think that is going to happen. If there is going to be a conflagration, I think that will happen.

Until then, let's help BP become the world's largest renewable energy company - or something like that.

Your loving brother,


Michael Bordenaro
BIM Education Co-op
Real Time Building Census, llc

Anonymous said...

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