Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anybody tried Google's Chromecast Device?

The article linked below explains the device in more detail, but I have long pined for a a simple connection to any screen in the room.  If the Chromecast dongle works as advertised, it might prove remarkably useful in professional presentations.

I envision screens that take up entire conference room walls, but require no substantive computer hardware to drive them.  The "dumb screen / smart device" concept makes a lot of sense.  Remotely connecting to any screen you plug the Chromecast dongle sounds pretty cool.  "Dumb screens" should be much cheaper than the hardware laden behemoth's on the market now.  In fact, the technology exists to simply "paint" a screen on a wall.  If the wall of the job trailer can display the latest changes to the BIM that would be pretty cool.

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