Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Robots on the Farm... Is Construction Next?

Robotic lettuce thinners and other devises deployed in California's Salinas Valley save money and time, lowering costs for producers and consumers.  Leveraging GPS and other advances in technology, scientists continue to increase the reach of robots.  This extension of the knowledge economy impacts every industry, and construction will not be immune.
In this region known as America's Salad Bowl, where for a century fruits and vegetables have been planted, thinned and harvested by an army of migrant workers, the machines could prove revolutionary.
Farmers say farm robots could provide relief from recent labor shortages, lessen the unknowns of immigration reform, even reduce costs, increase quality and yield a more consistent product.
How about an article that tackles the issue from the construction industry perspective?

In the Construction Dive this morning there is a link to a piece by Ron Gallagher in Builders Magazine in which he quotes a critic who complains:

Another critic, Jaron Lanier, a Microsoft researcher and author of Who Owns the Future,  in June wrote, “More and more activities will be operated by software. Instead of Teamsters, there will be robotic trucks. Where there had once been miners, there will be mining robots. Instead of factories, there will be 3D printers in every home.”

Follow the Construction Dive link to the full article.

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Ben Shideler said...

Automation is a double edged sword for sure. I am always looking for a way to automate a process or a task on the construction site.

People need to think about what processes that they want to automate if it really adds value and cannot be eliminated.

The whole automation industry was to save manufacturing in the 80's but it did not materialize the benefits that it was promised.

Monica - Rubber Track Carriers said...

This is a great innovation. As technology grows, we do also. Anything that can save time and gain more money seems like a great idea to me.

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