Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ultra Ever Dry + Upsalite = Industrial Scale Kitty Litter Boxes!

The two materials discussed below will blow your mind.

Let's start with Ultra Ever Dry, a product produced and distributed by Ultra Tech International, Inc. out of Jacksonville Florida.  Rather than explain Ultra Ever Dry I will just embed the company's cheesy video, complete with 70s style porn music in the background.

Wow.  Just WOW!

Having litigated hundreds of water intrusion cases, oil spills, and other environmental disasters I cannot slow the march of potential uses for that product in my mind.  From planning and construction through operations and maintenance I can envision hundreds of thousands of uses for that product.

Now, let's turn our attention to an even more amazing material, the obscure and heretofore unknown materail Upsalite.

Never heard of it hey?  Of course you haven't.  That's because it was only discovered a few months ago, by accident, in Sweden.  See, the article at i09 We Come from the Future.  That's right, this is another of those serendipitous scientific breakthroughs that will change the world.  As with most advanced materials it will take time to bring useful products to market, but the potential for Upsalite is off the charts.

 The new material featured an adsoprtion capacity about 50% larger than that of comparable materials at low relative humidities, and an ability to retain more than 75% of the adsorbed water when the humidity was decreased from 95% to 5% at room temperature.
Swedish researchers create ‘an impossible material’ by mistake
“This places the new material in the exclusive class of porous, high surface area materials including mesoporous silica, zeolites, metal organic frameworks, and carbon nanotubes”, noted researcher Maria Strømme through a release. Indeed, it can adsorb more water at low humidities than the best materials available — and with less energy. “This, together with other unique properties of the discovered impossible material is expected to pave the way for new sustainable products in a number of industrial applications”, said Strømme
Note that adsorption is different than absorption.  Different as in a more unique and useful characteristic of the new material.

Here is a link to the study detailing the Discovery of Upsalite.

Everybody knows I'm a bit of a redneck and I may be misunderstanding the chemical makeup of Upsalite but it sounds to me like this is some Industrial Strength Kitty Litter!

Would love to be involved in an environmental clean up where these two products were deployed in tandem.  Better yet, let's work with planners and designers to build these advanced materials into new facilities and nip the environmental disasters in the bud before they can become disasters.

Cool stuff coming our way that's for sure.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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