Monday, July 15, 2013

Will the UK Embrace Shale Gas?

The UK's Bowland Shale contains more shale gas than the US has in the Marcellus Shale and the Barnett Shale formations combined.  If the UK wants to be "green" the country should take advantage of the shale gas in the Bowland Shale.

Natural gas is much more environmentally friendly than coal, which continues to be the mainstay of electricity production around the world and in the U.K. Gas emits less than half the CO2 per kilowatt hour produced, and it emits much lower amounts of other pollutants like nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, black carbon, carbon monoxide, mercury, and particulates. If the U.K. sold its shale gas both domestically and abroad to replace coal, it could reduce local air pollution significantly and reduce global carbon emissions by 170 megatons. At the same time, instead of costing $8 billion per year, shale-gas production would add about $10 billion per year to the U.K. economy.

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