Monday, August 12, 2013

Automation: Are You Ready?

My liberal friends express horror when I reject calls for an increase in the minimum wage.  But raising the minimum wage is just an attempt, by politicians, to buy votes while throwing a monkey wrench in the economy.  And whether by design or not - personally I view the failure of most government programs as a feature and not a bug - the flying monkey wrenches cause more harm the folks the policy was intended to help more than anyone else.

When Collaborative Construction conducts an IPD workshop the compensation model plays a critical role.  Incentives that support, enable and encourage collaborative, cooperative and integrated problem solving work well in an IPD environment.  Incentives that support, enable and encourage fragmentation, adversarial behavior and paranoid responses and attitudes among team members don't.  These same principles apply in the broader economy.

Minimum wages disconnect laborers from the value stream.  And the addition of value, as defined by your enterprise, is really the goal towards which all team members should be striving.  If certain stakeholders in an organization or an a project routinely fail to deliver value the compensation of those stakeholders will decrease and, if they routinely cost the organization more than they deliver in value their role may be eliminated.

Which brings me to the silly demands by fast food workers that they be paid a minimum of $15.00 per hour, be given 40 hour workweeks, or as some demand, 30 hour workweeks with full benefits. This is madness.  But the madness in the fast food industry may subside soon if the Alpha Robot manufactured by Momentum Machines our of San Francisco, California takes off.

The Alpha Robot makes 360 hamburgers per hour.  It makes them to order when ordered and cooks, creates, wraps and delivers the burger to the customer.  No cook required.  No wait staff required.  No cashier required.  

The unions clinging to the broken blue model are doing their members and the rest of the working class a huge disservice.  The unions need to return to their roots and help industry train skilled workers to deliver skilled workers through flexible and adaptable training programs and apprentice programs.  The Alpha Robot will need to be serviced, repaired and maintained.

Let's get on with the task of launching the knowledge economy.  The faster we abandon the failed prop up policies of the last century the better.  Lance the boil, caurterize the wound and let's get back to work!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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