Tuesday, August 6, 2013

COBie Implementation Plans

COBie, which stands for  Construction Operations Building information exchange.  A buildingSMARTalliance project, it is an open source standard that seeks to define information gathered during a construction project and to fix a format in which that information can be delivered / exchanged.  As more and more owners demand BIM more and more owners want information about the building delivered in a format that is compatible with the owner's FM System.  Sometimes, owners demand such data even though a particular FM System has not yet been selected.  COBie is often viewed by owners as a useful mechanism whereby such data can be gathered and delivered.

As with most BIM and IPD related tools and processes, COBie works a lot better when an integrated cross disciplinary team comes together in advance to formulate a coherent implementation plan relative to the delivery of COBie data to the owner.  If you are working with an owner that is demanding COBie as a deliverable your team needs to make sure a COBie Implmentation Plan is built int your BIM Implementation Plan.

Collaborative Construction helps clients craft, negotiate and implement legal agreements that support and enable  BIM & IPD as well as specific deliverables like COBie.

For a more detailed look at  COBie and the challenges your team is likely to encounter in delivering COBie to an owner check out Antony McPhee's exellent post on the topic on the Practical BIM Blog titled to COBie or not to COBie

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