Monday, August 5, 2013

Concrete Workshops & Garages

A small company out of the UK, L&M Concrete Garages, is selling prefabricated concrete garages and workshops.  Given the growing versatility of concrete this is not surprising.  

I've written about inflatable concrete sheltersconcrete walls with embedded LED screensconcrete pours modeled in Tekla3D printers that print concrete, and other innovative uses. Building concrete garages and workshops makes sense too.

Below is a blurb pitching the product.

Why You Should Invest in a Concrete Workspace

A good garage can be so much more than a storage space and parking space. It has the potential to be the perfect concrete workshop. Owners of concrete garages enjoy many benefits.

They Last Forever

It takes an incredible amount of force to damage concrete. As long as the entire structure, and not just the floor, has been constructed from concrete, the garage can be used as shelter during bouts of severe weather. Wind, rain, and hail won't cause any harm whatsoever. Even the damage caused by falling trees will be minimal. Not only can the structure withstand anything mother nature throws at it, but any tools, vehicles, and projects stored inside will also remain safe.

Keep Stored Tools and Projects Dry

Structures made out of anything other than concrete will be prone to leaks, especially at the corners and seams. Moisture that seeps through these spaces can ruin any items it comes into contact with. The damp area provides the perfect breeding conditions for molds and mildews which can cause people who use the space to develop respiratory problems. Often the leak will be so small that the owner doesn't realize it exists until it's too late. Concrete garages resist moisture and don't have the weak points structures constructed from other materials are prone to.

Easy Maintenance

Most building materials don't last very long. Owners have to handle several maintenance problems a year to keep the structure sound and looking good. Maintenance on concrete garages is practically non-existent. If the building gets dirty, the owner can use a power washer to clean it. If mold starts to grow on the outside wall, a steel brush will remove the mold, and keeping that area dry decreases the chances of it growing again. The lack of maintenance gives the owner more time they can devote to working on their favorite projects.

They Don't Disturb the Neighbors

These days, people find themselves living closer and closer to their neighbours. If a property owner wants to work on something that involves the use of noisy power equipment and they also want to maintain good relationship with their neighbours, they will be limited to working during the middle of the day. The thickness of the concrete muffles sound, making it possible to work through the night. A layer of insulation further reduces sound.

They Look Great

Most people think a building made out of concrete will look ugly, but that's not the case at all. When it comes to concrete buildings, builders have a wide selection of design choices. Once the concrete workshop has been built, the owner can use paint and landscaping to dress up the building. In no time at all, the new garage will be a beautiful and practical.

Having a concrete garage that can be used as a workspace, storage unit and parking spot means that more of the property's space can be utilized. Owners who have made the decision to have a concrete garage built on their property find it to be a very sound investment.

Readers interested in learning more should visit L&M Garages Website.

As advances in materials science related to concrete continue the products offered by L&M and similar companies is likely to become even more versatile.  For example, I've covered, Concrete that Repairs Itself,  Secrets of Roman's Waterproof Concrete, Concrete that Heals as it Bakes in the Sun, and many other concrete related advances in material sciences in similar posts.

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