Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Does BIM Implementation Increase Project Success?

Well ... it depends.  Don't you just love lawyers!

Seriously though, the question is important and there are number of entities, including CIFE out of Stanford University, the folks at Penn State University who author the Owners' Guide to BIM Implementation, Georgia Tech, the AIA and the AGC and any number of private sector designers and general contractors who have collected data on the issue.  As the academics chew over the data and produce papers analyzing the results I'll say the answer to the question is a "Qualified Yes."

The comments below, which I posted on a LinkedIn BIM Experts Group discussion support that answer.

Implementing BIM without a supportive legal framework is very very hard.  Implementing BIM with a supportive legal framework is just hard.  A successful BIM Implementation program increases project success, but a rocky BIM Implementation effort can negatively impact project success.  Regardless, you need a supportive legal framework. 
I continue to remind clients, conference attendees and anyone that listens of the need to build a solid foundation that supports the project delivery model selected by the owner.  Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, CM @ Risk, Integrated Project Delivery, Public Private Partnership, Design-Bdi-Build-Own, Job Order Costing etc. etc. all need a sold foundation that includes a solid virtual planning and design component, a supportive legal framework and innovative lean logistics and delivery options during construction. 

In my experience IPD, PPP and JOC are delivery models that get more out of BIM than the others, but none of it works well if you execute off the shelf crappy legal instruments and forego the use of collaborative workshops as the forum in which an integrated legal framework is negotiated.
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