Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Federal Procurement Meets a DC9 Cat!

One more post to share.  These are coming from a lively conversation in the BIM Expert group forum on LinkedIn related to a VA Project.  If you are not a member join and chime in!

Existing federal procurement laws and regulations - and state procurement laws for that matter - are antithetical to BIM and IPD. But leaders tasked with reducing their agency's carbon footprint / energy consumption / costs realize virtual planning and design tools are critical to that mission. Thus, they mandate BIM. But because BIM is 80% social and 20% technical the 80% part, which requires a collaborative, cooperative and integrated culture for success, is deployed in a built industry where the culture is fragmented, adversarial and paranoid. How's that working out? 

Our fragmented, adversarial and paranoid culture is a product of an antiquated legal framework that encourages fragmentation of teams, adversarial behavior and paranoid reactions. To change that culture we need, among other things, a legal framework that supports and enables a new culture, one that is collaborative, cooperative and integrated. 

The existing brier patch of federal laws and regulations serve as an effective barrier to the 80% of BIM that is social and to IPD. There are rabbit trails through the brier patch that lead to open meadows where BIM and IPD flowers bloom, but other rabbit trails lead to failed projects and litigation. As Dianne [Davis] notes, many federal agencies are working hard to follow the rabbit trails through the labyrinth, but success is both hard won and fleeting. 

The better approach, in my opinion, is for agency leaders to fire up a DC9 Cat and cut a path through the brier patch that clearly leads to BIM, IPD and JOC. Then mark the path via new generation RFPs and RFQs that call for bids from integrated teams capable of delivering BIM in an IPD / JOC environment. And tell the lawyers, lobbyists and others who make their money guiding people through the rabbit trails to pound sand. Not likely to happen but if anyone wants help firing that DC9 Cat up just call!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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