Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is BIM the New Standard of Care?

It is in my world.  I've been litigation failed construction projects of every stripe for almost 20 years now and there's not a single case I've been involved in that wouldn't have benefited from one BIM tool or another.  Whether the debate is over the quality of the 2D drawings, scheduling, a failed component part or a dispute over change orders there's no disputes in the built industry that couldn't be resolved more quickly and at less cost by parties with access to critical BIM data.

Designers need to know BIM is the new standard of care for them, but owners, contractors, suppliers, detailers and other stakeholders in the industry must come to grips with BIM as the new standard of care relative to their work and interests as well.

The key to widespread BIM adoption though is educating lenders, insurers, sureties and owners of large portfolios of facilities and supporting infrastructure as to its importance.  Once these key stakeholders recognized the value of BIM adoption will really take off.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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