Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Science Deniers in the Green Movement

The violent green advocates opposed to genetically modified foods have committed multiple acts of eco-terrorism over the years.  Violence seems to be the last refuge of the science deniers these days.  My question is why green advocates hate the children so?  Beginning with Rachel Carson's poorly researched and over-hyped "Silent Spring" in 1962 science deniers in the green movement have worked hard to deny modern advances to poor children all over the world.  How these people sleep at night, with the blood of millions on their hands, is beyond me.  Rachel Carson's crusade to ban DDT has resulted in the deaths of countless millions of children in the tropics from malaria.

Now Greenpeace has turned its attention to GMO foods, specifically vandalizing and destroying a crop of golden rice in the Philippines recently.  Of course, the lap dog media filed false reports, likely based off talking points handed to them by the handlers at Greenpeace.  Doesn't anyone commit real journalism anymore?

Did you hear that a group of 400 angry farmers attacked and destroyed a field trial of genetically modified rice in the Philippines this month? That, it turns out, was a lie. The crop was actually destroyed by a small number of activists while farmers who had been bussed in to attend the event looked on in dismay. 
The nature of the attack was widely misreported, from the New York Times to New Scientist to BBC News, based on false claims by the activists. But then anti-GMO activists often lie. In support of the vandals, Greenpeace has claimed that there are health concerns about the genetically modified rice. In fact there is no evidence of risk, and the destruction of this field trial could lead to needless deaths. 
The rice is genetically enhanced to produce the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene, giving it a golden color. This vital nutrient is missing from the diets of millions of rice-dependent people in poor countries, where vitamin A deficiency leads to preventable blindness and death on a massive scale. 

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