Thursday, August 22, 2013

Re-Thinking the Compensation Model in Construction

BIM implementation is hard.  IPD is hard.  But implementing BIM effectively, after the contract horse has left the barn, is really really hard.  But that happens all the time. 

 Client's call, wanting help setting up a collaborative or integrated agreement among key stakeholders for implementing BIM on a traditional hard bid project where they have all already signed a series of traditional legal instruments.  And the unfortunate reality is those legal instruments control when, where and how everyone on the team will get paid.  And any obligations incurred by team members via the Collaborative BIM Implementation agreement are, too often, disregarded by those stakeholders because, "I'm not getting paid to do that."

Accordingly, at Collaborative Construction, we try to create new compensation models that incentivize the kind of behavior we want to see more of and deter the kind of behaviors we don't want more of on the project.  The article linked below delves, briefly, into the concept of new forms of economic incentives.  We are exploring similar incentives for use in the built industry.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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