Friday, August 23, 2013

Smart Built Culture: Fixing Our Broke Built Culture

This post will cover several issues related to exciting developments at Collaborative Construction.

First, I'm pleased to announce Collaborative Construction has entered into an agreement with Middlesex University out of London to deliver a substantial portion of the online course work for the University's new MSc Building Information Modeling Management course.  The course if open to built industry professionals located anywhere in the  world.  The introductory link above states, in part:

The course is specifically aimed at experienced professionals who will be expected to manage BIM projects. These will include people from the following sectors: architects, architectural technologists, construction and civil engineers, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services (MEP) engineers, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) engineers, contractors, subcontractors, fabricators and manufacturers, project managers (PM), facilities managers (FM).

Again, visit the MDX Engineering department's website for more information.  Readers around the world are encouraged to sign up for the course.  Those delivering built industry services to the UK government will be especially well served by this course.

Next, I've begun work on a book for built industry professionals titled, "Smart Built Culture:  Fixing Our Broke Culture".  In the next few weeks a Kickstarter Project will be launched via which the cost of writing and publishing the book will be defrayed.

Third, Collaborative Construction will be launching another web based series of webinars in October.  The Smart Built Culture Series will run parallel to the table of contents found in the book mentioned above. The series will provide built industry professionals and firms with an extraordinarily robust online learning opportunity at a very low cost.  Firms interested in sponsoring the series should reach out the James L. Salmon for more details.

Finally, Collaborative Construction will offer a series of live collaborative workshops that build on the Smart Built Culture theme while leveraging BIM and IPD oriented workshop materials and techniques.  Workshops are planned in Canada, Ireland, Germany and throughout the US.  Built industry stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to like minded professionals and firms in your region, build a coalition and share the cost of a live workshop focused on developing a Smart Built Culture, deploying BIM in an IPD environment and establishing a legal framework to support those component parts in your region.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks as these initiatives role out.

And as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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