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Smart Built Culture Series Explained

Several readers and contacts have asked for a more detailed explanation of the Smart Built Culture Series follow the post asking Can We Crowd Source a Smart Built Culture? This post serves that purpose.

Below please find a Smart Built Culture Series launch brochure describing the Series.  Readers who remember the IPD Round Table Series know the drill. Sponsors' employees and invited guests gather once a month for an interesting presentation, online discuss and a bit of Q&A.  The conversation continues live in their own shop after the online conversation ends.  The Series introduces novices - both internal personnel, clients, partners and potential clients - to critical innovations related to IPD and BIM, but also tackles issues of interest to experienced BIM and IPD advocates, including cultural barriers to the adoption and implementation of BIM and IPD and emerging business models and best practices.

The Series is designed to scale up or scale down depending on the level of interest in the built industry. If a number of corporate sponsors get on board the Series can be a global affair with live Smart Built Culture workshops hosted by those sponsors.  But the Series will continue and the book, Smart Built Culture: Fixing Our Broke Built Culture will be written regardless of whether additional sponsors sign on.  The goal of this post and the Kickstarter program is to see if the built industry can crowd source funding for the writing and publication of the book.  If the Kickstarter program is success I can focus on writing the book and delivering the Smart Built Culture Series rather than filing lawsuits and litigating failed construction projects.  So one big upside of getting behind the project is putting a lawyer on the sidelines for a while!

Current sponsors include Middlesex University out of London, Stuttgart University out of Germnay, Global e Training our of Calgary and the law firm of Benjamin Yocum and Heather in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Collaborative Construction is actively negotiating with additional sponsors in Europe, Canada, the US and Australia.

Middlesex University out of London has agreed to Sponsor of the Series.  Middlesex University hired Collaborative Construction to create and delivery of 12 separate 1.5 hour webinars as part of the MDX's new MSc Building Information Modeling Management Course.  The webinars focus on the cultural and legal implications of BIM and IPD.  Those interested in the MSc BIMM Course can follow the link.  I encourage you to sign up for the course as it provides access to a wealth of BIM related information and knowledge in a friendly online environment.

Collaborative Construction has retained the intellectual property rights to the materials being produced for Middlesex and is in the process of creating a Smart Built Culture Course on the Global e Training's innovative learning platform.  Series sponsors will gain access to those course materials.

Suttgart University out of Germany will host a BIM and IPD Seminar in July and will be a sponsor of the Smart Built Culture Series as well.  Collaborative Construction is actively negotiating with a number of other universities about sponsorship opportunities.  University sponsors typically provide meeting space for a seminar on campus and students at the university attend the seminar at no charge or at a substantially reduced cost.  Local BIM and IPD champions speak at the seminars and James L. Salmon presents on the cultural and legal implications of BIM.  

For readers interested in learning more about BIM and IPD in a less structured environment, and companies that need to begin the culture conversation in-house, signing up as a Series participant or Series sponsor is a great option.  Much of the material presented in the Series will parallel the 12 webinars offered through the MSc BIM Course, but the Smart Culture Series covers more topics than the MSc BIMM Course, though in less depth.    

The original idea was to defray the cost of writing the book through revenue generated from Sponsors and Participants in the Smart Built Culture Series and a I mentioned at the top I now have Kickstarter program waiting in the wings.  In short, this is your chance to help change our broke built culture.

The Smart Built Culture Series events will track the chapters in the book, "Smart Built Culture$:  Fixing Our Broken Built Culture".  The link takes you to an earlier blog post which lays out the Table of Contents of the book.  That post will be updated with links to the book's Amazon page and to individual chapters of the book as it comes online.  For now I've simply posted the Table of Contents of the book so that readers of the blog as well as Participants in and Sponsors of the Smart Built Culture Series can visualize the scope and nature of the events planned for the Series and can see how closely the Series events will track the chapters in the book.

Advocates of BIM, IPD and similar innovative processes are encouraged to support the Smart Built Culture Series. The success of the project depends on you.  The more sponsors and participants that sign up the more robust the delivery of the Smart Built Culture Series will be.

For ease of scheduling, online conversations will take place on Tuesdays, on the first, second or third week of the month at 9:00 a.m. EST.  That equates to a 2:00 p.m. start time in most of Europe, a 6:00 a.m. start time on the west coast of the US - sorry about that! and a 9:00 p.m. start time - the next day - for Perth, Australia.  We intend to study these start-times and they may be adjusted, depending on who signs up where.

Collaborative Construction has already  delivered half of the course to MDX and I'm committed to writing the book and delivering the online events beginning in August, 2014.  If I have to deliver everything via WebEx then I will, but I'd rather team up with some great Series Sponsors and deliver a much more compelling and robust online learning experience for you and your clients and partners.  So sign up today and let's make this happen!

Smart Built Cultures save billions and earn millions!

Collaborative Construction, in partnership with Global e Training, (GeT) and others plans to deliver the Smart Built Culture Series globally. James L. Salmon will present live web based events in 2014 and 2015. Live participants can engage James in interactive Q&A sessions and paying attendees can access archived modules via GeT's blended online learning platform for 365 days. Live introductory sessions begin in July and August in North America and Europe. Online presentations begin in August, 2014. 

A book titled Smart Built Culture: Fixing Our Broke Built Culture, will be published on the GeT platform. Purchased modules, corresponding to chapters in the book, will remain accessible on the GeT platform for 365 days from the date of purchase. Partners may purchase additional access to the GeT platform at discounted rates.

Organizations and private firms that leverage the series on GeT's unique platform enjoy access to an impressive array of analytical tools that enhance the learning experience for individuals and empower organizations and firms to know which members and or employees complete specific courses. Successful course participants enjoy certification, continuing education credits and 365 days of access to each Smart Built Culture module. Come watch the series grow! Partnership opportunities range from $2,500 to $30,000 and Partners receive credit towards live workshops. Access to a dynamic module on the GeT platform is $74.99, with package deals priced at $199.99, $299.99 and $399.99, with access to the entire course priced at only $999.99.

The series offers a unique global learning experience and enables geographically dispersed Partners to locally leverage intellectual capital and innovation all over the globe. International Partners share lessons and ideas from office to office, region to region and globally. Partners that form integrated teams learn together, on a collaborative and cross disciplinary basis. Even Partners from disparate disciplines can join forces to leverage best practices and achieve common goals on actual projects.

Marketing and learning opportunities abound. Individuals learn with like minded advocates of BIM and IPD globally while demonstrating the practical value of collaboration to local and regional clients and teammates. Leveraged effectively, the series prompts substantive conversations with key clients in local communities. Creative stimulation of cross disciplinary synergy among Partners drives presentations and workshops. Partners establish themselves, and their colleagues, as thought leaders with keen insight into BIM and IPD, positioned to lead BIM and IPD enabled projects.

Register today!
Smart Built Culture Series
Description of Education Modules & Dates to Calendar
Individual Modules $74.99 – Entire Course $999.99 – Save $800!

Introduction to the Smart Built Culture Series ($199.99 bundled – Save $25)

  • Defining (SMART)X Game Changers in the Built Environment - Offered 08/05/14
  • Defining (BUILT)X Solutions for the Built Environment -  Offered 08/19/14
  • Defining (CULTURE$)X Impact on the Built Environment -  Offered 09/02/14

(SMART)X Game Changers for the Built Environment ($299.99 bundled – Save $75)

  • Smart Scalable Solutions to Vexing Problems- 09/16/14
  • Meaningful and Manageable Metrics that Matter - 09/30/14
  • Actionable, Accurate & Accountable: Ideas + Data + Leadership = Success - 10/14/14
  • Relational, Repeatable & Reliable: Real Business Models - 10/28/14
  • Transformational Legal Frameworks support Smart Built Cultures - 11/11/14

(BUILT)X Solutions in the Built Environment ($299.99 bundled – Save $75)

  • (BIM)X Googlizes Everything in a Knowledge Economy - 12/02/14
  • Up the Stupid Tree” A Parable on Change - 12/16/14
  • Is integrated (BIM)X the New Standard of Care? - 01/13/15
  • Lean Tools and Processes in the Built Environment  - 01/27/15
  • Technology Today and Tomorrow in the Built Environment  - 02/10/15

(CULTURE'$)X Impact on (BUILT)X Environments ($399.99 bundled – Save $200)

  • Communication – Stone to Paper to Email to the Cloud  - 02/24/15
  • Useful Governance Mechanisms – US or French Revolution?  - 03/10/15
  • Leverage - Legal Frameworks that Enable (BIM)X and (IPD)X05/13/15
  • Technologies – Paper & Stone; CAD & Steel; (BIM)X and Nanotech - 04/14/15
  • Usurpers of Education – Empires, Religion and Industry - 04/28/15
  • Religion in the Built Environment: Theological, Environmental & Political - 05/12/15
  • Energy and Fuel – WW&W, Coal Oil & Gas, Nukes, Solar & Fusion - 05/26/15
  • $ Finance as a Driver – Rulers, Owners, Lenders, Insurers & Sureties - 06/09/15

Smart Built Culture Series Summary – Lessons Learned! ($199.99 bundled)

  • Exploring (SMART)X Game Changers in the Built Environment - Offered 07/07/15
  • Exploring (BUILT)X Solutions for the Built Environment -  Offered 08/04/15
  • Exploring (CULTURE$)X Impact on the Built Environment -  Offered 09/08/15

Smart Built Culture Series
Partner Benefits Chart

Silver Gold Platinum
Costs →
Discounted access to Modules on GeT platform
Series Sponsor
$5K Reg.
$10K Nat.
$15K Gbl
$7.5K Reg.
$15K Nat.
$20K Gbl
$10K Reg.
$20K Nat.
$30K Gbl

* Series Partner
Online access for employees & invited guests to live & archived modules for 365 days

Silver Partner
Above plus present regionally, nationally or globally + ½ day public workshop


Gold Partner
Above plus a full day public workshop


Platinum Partner
Above plus 2 day public workshop

Additional Partnership Benefits
  • Silver Partner: Above plus access to archived modules for above and internal training
  • Gold Partner: Above plus access to archived modules for above and external training
  • Platinum Partner: Above plus access to archived modules for above and marketing
  • Travel costs and other expenses related to conducting workshops NOT included
  • Public workshops at these reduced prices require a revenue sharing agreement

Individual prices for web based events: $74.99 per event, $199.99 for the three part introduction, $299.99 each for the Smart Game Changers section and Built Solutions section, $399.99 for the Culture's Impact section and $999.99 for the entire series

* Note Regional, national and global Partners enjoy discounted access to GeT's platform

* Note Discounts for Educational Institutions & Local Chapters of National Organizations 
* Note Discounts for SMEs and collaborative partners that contribute in kind donations

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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