Thursday, August 8, 2013

TransCanada Plans $1.5 Billion Pipeline to Prince Rupert

Wait a minute!  Why is Canada building pipeline to Prince Rupert?  I thought the XL Pipeline was supposed to bring all that oil & gas to refineries in the US? 

Oh, that's right we've spent the past 6 years cock blocking that effort and telling the Canadians to pound sand.  Looks like they'll have the last laugh.

Below is a map reflecting TransCanada's existing pipelines.  The new pipeline will run roughly parallel to the word Westcoast in blue on the map below.

The article linked below states, in part:
Progress Energy, a subsidiary of Malaysian energy giant Petronas, has signed up to ship two billion cubic feet per day on the North Montney Mainline. TransCanada says it’s also in talks with other potential customers. 
Progress is planning to build a liquefied natural gas terminal near Prince Rupert so the resource can be exported to lucrative Asian markets. 
Anybody else surprised that an Asian energy giant signed deal to stick a straw in the oil sands of northwest Canada?  Oh the humanity of low energy costs!  Where's a herd of Unicorns when you need them?

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