Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Piece to 3D Scanning Puzzle?

Read an interesting blog post today Civil 3DJ's Blog in which the author reminded readers that cell phones, iPads etc. utilize GPS to record the position of the device at the moment a picture / video is taken.  What are the implications of the foregoing fact when combined with the Mobile 3D Scanner Device mentioned on the blog earlier this week?  One concern regarding the use of the Mobile 3D Scanner is / was that the ensuing 3D scan cannot be tied to specific reference points within an existing 3D model.  Can those limitations not be overcome by agreeing on a "corner stake" all design professionals / software vendors tie their designs / software products on a specific project?

The "how to video" produced by the folks at Civil 3DJ's Blog describes how to tie photos and video to a specific location on a map.  My question for the geeks in the audience is whether the same applies a 3D scan captured using the Mobile 3D Scanner Device mentioned on the blog earlier this week.  Let me know your thoughts.

Here's a link to the full blog post on the Civil 3DJ's Blog.

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