Friday, September 6, 2013

Insurer Facing BIM - Where Are the BIM & IPD Friendly Insurance Products?

If BIM is the New Standard of Care what the HE double sticks are the insurance companies doing?  That link, by the way, takes you to 10+ posts on this blog alone over the past 3 years noting that BIM is the new standard of care.  I guess the issue will be ignored until a few old school practitioners get nailed with big verdicts based on Forensic BIM style testimony heh?

Collecting premiums off entities who continue to deliver services under the old school rules.  If you want to change that you need to speak up.  New insurance products that support and enable the creation of integrated teams and the delivery of BIM in an IPD environment won't happen if the built industry sits back and waits for the insurance industry to respond.

Insurance companies and their lawyers are inherently risk averse and want nothing to do with anything new.  If the built industry wants new and better insurance products YOU need to speak up!

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