Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Laser Scanning not a Panacea?

The article linked below describes three big myths associated with laser scanning.  I've listed them below, but the article is worth a read.  Good insights from a guy / entity who has been converting laser scans to Revit models for sometime now.

The Top Three Laser Scanning Myths:

1.  Laser scans are perfectly accurate.  FALSE.  As will all things "computer" it's still garbage in garbage out.

2.  Converting laser scans to a 3D model is easy as pie.  FALSE.  There's a ton of work required to convert point cloud data into a useful model, regardless of the software platform you use.

3.  Laser scanning is cheap.  FALSE.  As with any sophisticated professional services you can expect to shell out real dollars for a laser scan.  They can be very valuable though, but do your home work and complete the cost benefit analysis.

Here's a link to the article, 3 Myths About Laser Scanning.  Read the whole thing.

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