Thursday, September 19, 2013


The mobile scanner described in the article linked below is one of the slickest innovations I've seen in a long time.  The device - which is really just a prototype now - appears to function better than sophisticated laser scanning operations costing thousands of dollars more.  Not sure, but this device may just render the 3 Myths of Laser Scanning obsolete.

The mobile scanner, developed by gamers not construction industry software vendors, takes laser scanning to a whole new level.  And the open source platform upon which it operates will encourage AMAZING developments very quickly by other bright people all over the world.

I can see such a devise being very useful to a contractor who needs to get a quick and dirty scan of an existing facility before - or after? - tear and demo begins.  I can also see it being used to grab "the day's work" showing installed components related to a specific scope of work completed by a trade contractor. The ensuing "model" could then be attached to the trade contractor's pay application and compared to the actual BIM to confirm progress.  Can you say Lender Facing BIM?!?

The potential uses seem boundless.  The device allows you to scan your environment - in context - and then augment your reality in ways we never imagined. 

And don't miss the Kickstarter Video!

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