Thursday, September 19, 2013

Opportunities in Northern Canada

The article linked below provides interesting insights into a number of different infrastructure oriented projects in northern Canada.  New infrastructure is needed to connect these areas to the rest of the economy, but the resources are vast and valuable.  

Canada's North is unexplored, unmapped and undeveloped making Canada itself a laggard in terms of economic development. The territories are cold and remote and unpopulated but so are Alaska and Siberia and yet jurisdictions are massively wealthy and have large populations and infrastructure. 
Siberia has 50 seaports, more people than Canada, 36 million and seven cities with half a million or more people. The area was opened up in 1891. 
Alaska, one third size of Canada's Arctic, has seven times' more people (710,000), a $50 billion Heritage Fund, seven huge operating mines, Prudhoe Bay oil fields and pipeline and 25 seaports. 
Meanwhile in Canada in the 1980s one of the most promising oil wells was discovered -- the Amauligak in the Beaufort Sea -- then capped and abandoned along with trillions of cubic feet of natural gas.

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