Monday, September 16, 2013

Smart Built Cultures - The Book

As Collaborative Construction prepares to launch the Smart Built Series in 2014, I've decided to write a book that captures the critical lessons taught throughout the series.  The success of the book - like the success of series and the ongoing effort to create a smart built culture - depends on you.  If leading advocates of BIM and IPD fail to support initiatives like these our existing culture, which is fragmented, adversarial and paranoid, will continue to control and the broken systems and processes will remain in use.

This is an opportunity to make a difference.  Follow this link to sign up as a sponsor of the Smart Built Culture Series today.  The fees you pay will underwrite the cost of producing the series and will help defray the cost of writing and publishing the book.  The table of contents for the book are set for below.

Smart Built Culture$
Fixing Our Broke Built Culture

Table of Contents



(SMART)X Game Changers in the Built Environment
(BUILT)X Solutions for the Built Environment
(CULTURE$)X Impact on the Build Environment

Smart Game Changers

Smart Scalable Solutions for the Built Environment
Meaningful and Manageable Metrics that Matter in a Built Environment
Actionable, Accurate and Accountable: Ideas + Data + Leadership = Success
Relational, Repeatable and Reliable: Real Business Models in a Built Environment
Transformational Legal Frameworks that Support the Built Environment

Built Solutions

(BIM)X Googlizes Everything in a Knowledge based Built Environment
“Up the Stupid Tree” A Parable on Change in the Built Environment
Is Integrated (BIM)X the New Standard of Care in the Built Environment?
Lean Tools and Processes in the Built Environment
Technology Today and Tomorrow in the Built Environment

Culture's Impact

Communicating Clearly & Concisely in the Built Environment
Useful Governance Mechanisms in the Built Environment
Leveraging Lean Logistics in the Built Environment
Transitioning to a Knowledge Economy
Usurpers of Education in the Built Environment
Religion in the Built Environment: Theological, Environmental & Political
Energy and Fuel as Market Drivers in the Built Environment
$ As a Market Driver in the Built Environment

Let's DIE Trying!

Define the Problem
Identify Strategies & Solutions
Execute an Action Plan

Concluding Thoughts



Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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