Monday, October 14, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

Truth. It's the new hate speech.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

I am, and have been, an advocate of open BIM and continue to believe the Holy Grail of BIG BIM requires an open source, web-based BIM platform that supports a variety of software tools.  Knowing nothing about software, software coding and other technical challenges I've always listened carefully when industry experts explained why my Pie in the Sky vision wasn't yet possible.

That said, the industry continues to work towards a solution, the internet continues to expand - with the Internet of Things taking center stage recently - as retailers, manufacturers and others mine BIG DATA related to their ongoing efforts to produce, market and sell products and services for which others willingly pay money.  We are getting closer everyday and I remain convinced one day we will see fully functional open BIM exchanges up and running in the built industry.  Further, those open source BIM platforms will be linked to software tools in the supply chain, facilities management, programming, and elsewhere, all to the benefit of the built industry, the global economy and people around the world.  This is a very complex and difficult problem but there are many very talented individual and first rate companies working hard every day to create and implement workable solutions.

As we approach our goal let's not forget the importance of truth and transparency!

Compare and contrast the slow, market tested search for an Open BIM solution in the built environment with the slow motion train wreck represented by the insurance exchanges pimped by the federal government in the US via the $635 million website, which has proven to be the most spectacular FAIL in the history of the internet!  I think more people signed up to attend Collaborative Construction's initial set online BIM and IPD oriented webinars back in 2007 than have purchased insurance through these federal exchanges.  This is a debacle of the first order.  Below is an excerpt from a Forbes article, linked below, that explains the failure.

Weaver and Radnofsky say that the core problem stems from “the slate of registration systems [that] intersect with Oracle Identity Manager, a software component embedded in a government identity-checking system.” The main web page collects information using the CGI Group technology. Then that data is transferred to a system built by Quailty Software Services. QSS then sends data to Experian, the credit-history firm. But the key “identity management system” employed by QSS was designed by Oracle, and according to the Journal’s sources, the Oracle software isn’t playing nicely with the other information systems.  

Anyone that's every received a Humpty Dumpty BIM in Navisworks that links to dumb pictures of the Tekla and Archicad models, and other modeling packages knows how difficult it is to make modern software tools play nice.  Now imagine putting the federal government in charge!  Yikes. 

Don't you feel better knowing the federal government is in charge and will be taking care of your healthcare needs on a going-forward basis?  I don't.

Again, let's continue to demand transparency and accountability in the built industry as we pursue the Holy Grail of Open Bim.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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