Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Knowledge Economy is Upon Us. Are you ready?

The TED Talk delivered in the video below covers the concept of BIG Data and the way it is imploding traditional business models.  Don't let your business fail because you are not prepared to compete in the Knowledge Economy.

First the Value Chain falls apart.  Britannica gets its arse kicked by Wickipedia - even though teachers won't let kids cite to Wicki.  Similarly, travel agencies went the way of the Dodo Bird.  But I WANT a travel agent because I hate attaching myself to the fire hose of information just to pick a seat on a plane, a car and a hotel.  See the opportunity?  That's the Knowledge Economy looming in the wings.

Second, the networked connections on the web are having a profound effect.  Genome mapping - at costs of 200+ million per genome - was not viable in medicine.  Now they map your genome at the doctors office -unless you are on Obamacare - and diagnose you right away.  These ginormous sharing models show how technology is scaling data analysis beyond the norm.  Old vertical business structures are failing in favor of horizontal structures as the value chains fall apart.

Energy is fragmenting, the large is blowing up and everything is moving to a horizontal structures.  This requires an integrated, collaborative and cooperative competition.  Traditional business models are toast. Are you ready? 

Finith Jernigan and Kimon Onuma, as usual, are all over this issues.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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