Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vicarious Success - Are you a Vicar?

This blog post borrows from the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success set forth in the form of a parable in The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. And Regular readers know what a sucker I am for a good parable.  For proof look no further than Katy's Castle and my most recent post Of Scorpions and Frogs. Accordingly, readers will find it unsurprising that I read The Go-Giver the same day I received it from my friend Jennifer Lanzetti at Cn3D Construction and put it in the mail to another contact the same afternoon I received the book from Jennifer.

But not before I converted the key lessons into an easy to remember acronym, VICAR.  And that's what gives rise to this blog post.

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success set forth in The Go-Giver lay out a great path to success.  Below, I've re-order those rules to fit around the acronym VICAR, and added a twist.

After reordering the laws I also renamed them.  My name for the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success is the Rules for Vicarious Success.  The root word in that new description is  the term VICAR.  A Vicar, pronounced "Viker" with a short i, not a long i, was, originally, the “Agent of the Church” in England. Embedding the Five laws of Stratospheric Success in the term "VICAR" flips traditional notions of "vicarious liability" on their head.  

Under the law an employer or principal can be liable for the negligence of the employer / principal's agent and or agents. When the law holds an employer or a principal liable for the actions an employee or an agent we call the vicarious liability.   Accordingly, the term “vicarious” has come to be associated with liability, not success.  However, true success is always vicarious, and that’s a central lesson of The Go-Giver.

Below are the 5 Rules of Vicarious Success as extrapolated from the The Go-Giver.

A guide for those who adhere to the Rules for Vicarious Success 

  1. ValueAdherents recognize the true measure of value is the extent to which the value given exceeds the payment received.

  1. InfluenceAdherents recognize influence exists and grows exponentially when the interests of others take precedence over their interests.

  1. CompensationAdherents recognize earnings are determined by how many people we serve and well we serve them.

  1. AuthenticityAdherents, as stewards of the Golden Rule, promise authenticity and advocate a covenant to develop skills that support conduct compatible with the Golden Rule.

  1. ReceptivityAdherents recognize the key to effective giving is taking personal responsibility for being ready willing and able to receive gifts from the Creator.

Leveraging and sharing great ideas is a central tenant of the the The Go-Giver. Accordingly, I encourage readers to link to and share this blog post.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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