Thursday, June 19, 2014

Smart Built Culture Seminar Sponsored by AGC of Northwest Ohio & TRACE

BIM and IPD: Creating a Smart Built Culture in NW Ohio

Date And Time
11:00 AM TO 2:30 PM

Event Description:

Collaborative Construction, AGC of NW Ohio and TRACE invite you to learn more about creating a smart built culture in Northwest Ohio. Join us on June 25, 2014 for this introductory seminar to explore the key features of a smart built culture and the best mechanisms for revolutionizing your firm's future.

Implementing BIM and IPD to enhance your business strategy poses interesting legal and cultural implications. Join us for insights on making it really work as James L. Salmon, a lawyer, founder of Collaborative Construction and teacher of the BIM Strategy course at Middlesex University (based in London), takes participants through a unique learning experience.

Building information modeling, (BIM) integrated project delivery, (IPD) and lean process improvements (first popularized and deployed by Toyota, Honda and other manufacturers) allow for major advancements in the coordination and planning of design and construction services. BIM and IPD require a strong yet flexible legal framework for support. Many firms' legal counsel and insurance providers warn of dire consequences to these new ways of providing professional services.

James L. Salmon spent 20 years litigating failed construction projects before forming Collaborative Construction. His mission now is to work with stakeholders in the built industry to build a new generation of legal frameworks that support and enable BIM and IPD success.

This seminar focuses on the cultural and legal implications of BIM and IPD drawing on portions of the BIM Strategy course James L. Salmon teaches for Middlesex University (based in London with campuses in Dubai, Malta and Mauritius). Highlighting the importance of creating a smart built culture to support BIM and IPD, the seminar offers a unique learning experience. Cross disciplinary IPD teams will be formed, during the seminar then tasked with planning, designing and constructing a block castle at each table.

The seminar will help participants appreciate the need for a smart built culture in Northwest Ohio. You will meet like-minded advocates seeking to leverage the value of collaboration among local, regional and national clients and teammates. Join us to explore the tools that enable the use BIM, IPD and lean processes. Creative stimulation of cross disciplinary conversations among participants will be common. Participants will establish themselves, and the NW Ohio Construction Industry as thought leaders with keen insights into leading BIM and IPD enabled projects. In short, participants will learn more about creating a smart built culture while simultaneously enhancing their own business strategies.

For more information, contact:
Mary Gregory, Executive Vice President
Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio

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