Saturday, November 22, 2014

New International Standard for Asset Management - ISO 55000

Note: This Blog Post was edited to reference the correct ISO Standard which is ISO 55000 NOT ISO 50000.

My apologies for neglecting the blog.  I've been swamped lately on several fronts but it looks like I'll be able to get back in the saddle and I'll bring readers up to speed on several interesting BIM and IPD related projects over the next few weeks.

On of the most interesting and encouraging developments that advocates of BIM and IPD should have on their radar is the launch of the new Asset Management Standard, ISO 55000.  [Edited] Below is an excerpt from and a link to a guest column by Jack Dempsey published in the October issue of ENR.

Jack was a driving force behind the US Coast Guard's use of BIM and he is now a principle at Jacobs Engineering.  He understands the value of developing and leveraging intelligent digital assets and linking those assets to the people, things and the web.  The column is a good introduction to ISO 55000 [Edited] and I encourage you to read it and share it with others.

The delivery and operation of buildings and infrastructure is becoming more complex every day. That is why ISO, responding to global market trends, has produced an international management standard to apply to all types of assets, which it defines as anything that creates value for the organization.  This includes people, things, technologies, knowledge and reputation. The ISO standard defines what an asset management system should be, and what needs to be considered when establishing a disciplined asset management strategy. 

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean by any chance ISO 55000 and not ISO 50000?