Friday, December 5, 2014

How small is too small for IPD?

My good friend Oscia Wilson, the founder and president of Boiled Architecture, knocks the question out of the park. Oscia is also the the author of The Owners Guide to Starting Integrated Projects. I strongly encourage you to click the link and get a copy of that book on your shelf!  Anyway, she received the question through the Boiled Architecture website and, as noted above, she knocked the question out of the park.  Below is short excerpt of her rationale along with the killer graphic she posted and a link to the blog post.  Call her if you need a BIM and IPD enabled architect on your team!

My answer is "Anything smaller than a dog house, doll house or wood shed." but Oscia is more polite and thoughtful than me.

As Oscia argues:

IPD projects heretofore have been large projects–many of them were new hospitals.  Many of them had more than a dozen companies signed onto the multi-party agreements.  These typical IPD projects have project teams of several hundred people.
Of course it takes a long time to get a dozen companies to agree to a contract they’ve never done before, especially when millions of dollars are at stake.
Of course it takes a long time and a lot of effort to teach hundreds of individuals how to work together in radical collaboration and un-learn their bad habits.
And yes, when you want hundreds of people to collaborate for 5-8 years, you absolutely need a giant colocation space with its own dedicated server and technology solutions.  These take time and money to set up.
But guess what – None of that is true with a small project. 

Here's the killer graphic.

Effort graph

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