Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Little More Deming

Deming contended fixing the SYSTEM fixes the PROBLEM. And construction, like mfg when Deming was doing his work, needs a SYSTEM fix.

During a recent visit to a general contractor's job site the project manager bragged about the GC's new job site inventory management program. The company spent a significant amount of time and energy formulating, perfecting and implementing the new program. My lean logistics colleague, a Deming disciple with StanGate Management, a Cincinnati based construction supply logistics firm, asked him why the company was managing the problem when it could ELIMINATE the problem by changing from a piece-meal construction materials delivery SYSTEM to a just in-time construction materials delivery SYSTEM.

My contention is that the legal SYSTEM in construction is broken and that broken legal SYSTEM exacerbates every PROBLEM that manifests itself in construction. Implementing a smart built culture requires a new legal SYSTEM and the new legal SYSTEM will solve many of the problems in construction.

Design-Bid-Build is a waste based delivery SYSTEM that supports and enables waste based business models.

Integrated-Project-Delivery is a value based delivery SYSTEM that supports and enables value based business models.

Which SYSTEM are your lawyers vested in?

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