Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Rise of the Administrative State

If big auto hadn't crawled in bed with big government and begged for big regulations we'd all be flying like the Jetsons! Keep that lesson in mind as the construction industry slowly enters the 21st Century.

Glenn Reynolds, the author of the Instapundit Blog who teaches law at the University of Tennessee embraces that vision. His most recent article in the USA Today fleshes the regulation = opportunity for graft argument in more detail.

On Twitter, the other day, someone tweeted a quote from Will Spencer:  “When life gives you lemons, apply for a business license, a food service license, and a sales tax license and make lemonade.”
This cynical-but-realistic statement drew a reply in the same vein from Tennessee Sen. Frank Niceley: “Then hire a lobbyist to make lemonade consumption mandatory and subsidize it.”  Another cynic responded: “You then also need to require government approval to open new lemonade stands.”  And the final word in this little colloquy was: “Then lobby again for regulations you can handle, but will bury your competition.”

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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Swetha Mohan said...

Love this quote “When life gives you lemons, apply for a business license, a food service license, and a sales tax license and make lemonade.” Lol. It really makes me thinking. So thanks.

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Dealnity said...

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